Who is the Car Care Council?

The non-profit Car Care Council is the source of information for the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair to consumers. To view the Car Care Council’s consumer education website, visit www.carcare.org


Latest News
Oct 23, 2018

With Halloween fast approaching, the Car Care Council reminds motorists to drive slowly, especially through neighborhoods, to be extra careful when entering or exiting driveways or alleyways, and...

Oct 15, 2018

A new video produced by the Car Care Council in conjunction with AutoNetTV Media (ANTV) focuses on consumers' rights to have their vehicles serviced at any automotive service and repair business...

Oct 2, 2018

Record rainfalls have hit parts of the country and flooding has taken its toll on vehicles. Thousands of cars, trucks and SUVs have been damaged by floods and the Car Care Council recommends that...

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Últimas noticias
Oct 23, 2018

Bethesda, MD – 23 de octubre de 2018 – Con Halloween a pocos días de llegar, el Car Care Council (Consejo para el Cuidado del Automóvil) les recuerda a los motoristas que conduzcan...

Oct 15, 2018

Bethesda, MD – 5 de octubre de 2018 – Un nuevo vídeo del Consejo para el Cuidado del Automóvil (Car Care Council) producido conjuntamente con AutoNetTV Media (ANTV) se enfoca en los derechos...

Oct 2, 2018

Bethesda, MD – 2 de octubre de 2018 – Niveles récord de lluvias han afectado a diversas regiones del país y las inundaciones han dañado miles de automóviles, camiones y vehículos...

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