Who is the Car Care Council?

The non-profit Car Care Council is the source of information for the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair to consumers. To view the Car Care Council’s consumer education website, visit www.carcare.org


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Feb 4, 2020

You may not see them, or know much about them, but engine belts are always working to keep your vehicle moving. Losing a belt can mean immediate trouble for the engine and a breakdown for you. To...

Jan 7, 2020

Commutes to work are longer than ever, according to the most recent U.S. Census, with the average commute time up 20 percent since the Census began tracking this data in 1980. The more time we...

Dec 10, 2019

In the era of online shopping when countless holiday gifts are available at the click of a button, putting in a little extra time and legwork can mean a lot. The Car Care Council offers these...

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Últimas noticias
Feb 5, 2020

Quizás no las vea, o no sepa mucho de ellas, pero las correas del motor están siempre funcionando para mantener su vehículo en movimiento. Perder una correa puede significar un problema...

Jan 14, 2020

Bethesda, MD – 7 de enero de 2020 – Los viajes al trabajo son más largos que nunca, según el más reciente Censo de EE. UU., con un aumento de 20 por ciento en el tiempo promedio de viaje al...

Dec 11, 2019

Bethesda, MD – 10 de diciembre de 2019 – En la era de las compras por Internet, con innumerables regalos para las fiestas disponibles con tan solo un clic, dedicar un poco más de tiempo y...

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